Meet Saruul

SARUUL JOHNSON is an inspirational speaker; as well as  CEO of VisionGuard which has a mission to help others to bring their vision to reality.  She is a true representation of possibilities, chances and opportunities. From hitting a rock bottom after experiencing financial challenges, marriage difficulties and a tragic loss of her father all at the same time, to becoming a transformed woman with a purpose to help others to see the treasure within themselves, and to becoming a woman who beams Light, Love & Hope. 

She truly believes that our inner world creates our outer world and you can transform your life from inside out. Saruul has a vision and passion to help others to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential. She completed a bachelor of science degree in Business/Finance from Park University. She has extensive knowledge in business, accounting/finance, operations, marketing, sales and has provided professional cloud accounting and business services for over 8 years.

Her extraordinary story of transforming her own life from being a broke, broken, lost victim to becoming a whole, abundant, inspired leader is the inspiration behind the visionary movement. Saruul lost her mother to lung cancer when she was 6 years old, had a childhood like Cinderella with her stepmom, traveled to United States alone when she was 18 years old, studied with 100% scholarship, got into near death T- boned car accident, graduated at the top of her business school, faced financial challenges, lost her dear father from sudden heart attack, and faced death.

Despite all these, she chose to live, not just regular mundane living but to live life to the fullest. This very decision led her to experience complete transformation in her own life and ignited vision & passion in her to help others to live a life that is abundant and fulfilled. She has a great teacher called life and is a life long learner.